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Alias: Ushijima Ii Niku, or Ushijima "Good Meat" - うしじまいい肉
Real name: ?

Birthdate: 19 February 1990 or 7 July 1990
Began career in December of 2006
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Favorite Food: Cheese, Meat
Favorite Music: Electro-clash General, Technology
Favorite comic artist: Takashi Shiro, Shige Yuki Fukumitsu, Nagao Kenitirou
Favorite place: Big park, Zoo, Aquarium, Disney
Hobbies: Reading, Net, Listening to music, Digital cameras

Height: 160cm (5'3")
Measurements 83-56-85/88 cm (sources vary) (33"-22"-33/35")
Weight: 43kg (95 lbs)

Official website:
Twitter: @PredatorRat

Supposedly "Japan's Biggest Amateur Pin-Up" Cosplayer, Ushijima reportedly took her name from a combination of the manga Yamikin Ushijima-Kun and a Japanese pun on the numbers "1129" (ichi ichi ni kyu), the last four numbers of her email address. (1) Here at Sankaku Idol Complex, she's infamous for her single, absolutely-absent-of-emotion facial expression.

Detractors decry her as “nothing but a Photoshop-dependent old hag in her forties”. (2) Pics with and without retouching can be seen at and the Sankaku story source below.

In 2012, she caused a bit of an incident in Taiwan when she was snapped bending over (and displaying her pantsu) at the passenger window of a Taipei police car. The Taipei police claimed it was "possible that the police's image was damaged." She was also forbidden to return to Comiket after removing her skirt while serving as a booth girl (3). Ushijima is known for flashing her underwear in front of government buildings or Shinto shrines in Japan, but even the Japanese chided her for doing so overseas. (4)

She's even inspired a Manga by Isami Nozomi: (chapter 1 only) or (NOTE: over 600 thumbnails on one page, and advertising, pop-ups on each click). See Also:

Her CDs and DVDs can be found on Amazon Japan for ¥1500-4000 (approx. USD $16-41):

Some of her photos have distinct S&M overtones, such as and Although (as of July 2013) she has not posed fully nude, she has begun pulling her panties down for ass shots.

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